Engaging Children with Nature 3

After the wildlife area we moved on to the playground area for the reception children. We decided that it would be easier and wiser to paint the sheds and pergola while the children were on Easter break. Then the children could plant out the tender plants and vegetables when the risk of frosts past.

The pergola before painting

While painting and cleaning out the planters around the pergola we found the post were rotting away at the base on each one. This meant it was not safe the school having no funds to cover these sort of problems meant it would probably have to come down. After speaking with the schools Headmaster it was decided that one of the childrens Dad and the caretaker would install new post free of charge if we could come up with funds to pay for it. Due to this being a project connected with The Tree Council via The Tree Warden scheme, Friends of Priors Hill Copse came to the rescue and funded the materials. Apart from this disappointment the day went well with sheds painted, scented decorated pots, vegetable plot prepared, child friendly native hedge with wildflower seeds sown.

This is how you do it grandad
Flower border with wildflower seeds, fragrant pots
Vegetable plot, compost bin and fragrant pots

A small child friendly hedgerow made up of Goat Willow and Grey Willow to give some early colour a few wildflower seeds sown.

Some early nectar plants going in.

Last one going in
A splash of colour
Another splash of colour

It’s hoped to finish the planting with the children by the second week of May otherwise the vegetables will have taken over my potting shed. We have Peas, Runner Beans, lettuces, cabbage and marigolds all waiting to go in. The coloured planters behind the pergola are having different coloured Hydrangeas going in them.

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